V19 Is Now Available For Download! ‚Äč

The PIPE-FLO team is excited to share v19

Key Highlights

  • Heat Transfer
    • Easy setup to apply heat transfer calculations to multiple pipes
    • Vary scenarios in Lineups to account for different conditions
      • Summer/winter
      • Day/night
      • Inside/outside
      • Sunny/cloudy
      • Windy/calm
    • Heat transfer calculations
      • Calculate the outlet temperature of a fluid depending on conditions
      • Various heat transfer modes supported
        • Calculate using ambient conditions
        • Calculate using surface temperature
        • Calculate using constant heat flux
      • Various environmental conditions supported
        • Multiple layers of insulation allowed
        • Convection coefficient allows for forced or free convection
        • Ambient calculation allows for changing effects from the sun
  • Custom Symbols
    • Use images from common file formats for your devices
      • Supports jpg, jpeg, png, svg, tiff, webp, and more
    • Images can be scaled and connection point assigned for user flexibility
    • User can assign which devices the image is available to
    • Image copying to new models is supported
  • Auto update fluids enhancement
    • When using the auto update fluid zone feature, the temperature will also be updated if heat transfer settings are enabled
    • Supports fluid zone temperature changes from heat exchanger devices (heat source/sink, HX-2 pipe)
    • Speeds up model creation and enhances accuracy by helping to assign correct fluid properties

FLO-Master Academy

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