v18.2 now available for download

The PIPE-FLO team is excited to share v18.2

Key Highlights

  • New integration to online pump selectors
    • New integration to Intelliquip online pump selection
      • To access, right click the pump and select “Select Pump (Intelliquip)” option
      • Enter in the site address and your user credentials to run a search
      • Return a pump directly to PIPE-FLO through the dialogue
    • New integration to PUMP-FLO online pump selection
      • To access, right click the pump and select “Select Pump (PUMP-FLO)” option
      • Now rather than downloading individual pump catalogs users can run the search online
        • Ensures most up to date data
        • Option for searches on local pump catalogs still available 
  • New animations on the Flo-Sheet
    • When a tank geometry is defined the water level in the tank on the Flo-Sheet will rise and fall according to the liquid level
    • Makes scenarios easier to understand with changing tank levels
      • Just look at the Flo-Sheet for an idea of what your tank levels are
      • More intuitive and easier to communicate
  • Performance and Usability enhancements
    • PCF Import
      • The elevation gradient is automatically turned on when importing PCFs
        • Makes it easier to visualize the 3D geometry of the system
        • When pipes cross, you can now easily see which pipe(s) are higher or lower than others
      • Presentation Mode is automatically turned on when importing PCFs
    • Data Export
      • When exporting data via DataLink to Excel the numbers in the raw data columns (i.e. flow_rate_raw) are auto formatted as numbers
        • Speed up ancillary calculations and reports
    • Calculation performance optimizations
      • Calculation times on larger systems reduced by up to 24% from previous version 
      • Copy and Paste function times reduced by up to 17%
    • Fluid Zone  Enhancements
      • New button to clear away all unused fluid zones
        • Keep only the fluid zones you need when working complex systems
    • New option to disable calculation text block on Flo-Sheet with mouse hover
      • Users can turn the feature on and off in the preferences section
      • Allows greater flexibility in use and what calculations are visible

FLO-Master Academy

Want to get the most out of PIPE-FLO? Check out our FLO-Master Academy courses here for our full portfolio of training options. Whether you are a seasoned user or just starting out, there are classes available to help grow and apply your PIPE-FLO skillset.